Save The Date - Fall Mom to Mom Sale 2018

You've all been asking for it and it finally around the corner! Need some gently used clothes for your kids to wear at daycare or preschool? How about some almost new toys and books to entertain the little ones? You will find Great Deals on gently used baby & children's clothing, toys, equipment and other goodies. Lots of brand names and like-new quality.

Loss of a Twin

You get the news that you are pregnant with twins and then all of a sudden the joy you are feeling is taken away when the doctor tells you, you have lost one of them. "How could we go from such excitement and joy to a feeling complete of despair?"

Save the Date for famiizuu Family Funfair

Save the date for our 2nd birthday! Join us at our famiizuu Family Funfair at the Milton Fairgrounds on Saturday August 12th from 10am - 2pm to celebrate another year of success in the Milton Community!


A study in the Journal of Orthopaedics reported that 50-90% of pregnant women will likely experience lower back pain. This pain may persist after giving birth if you don’t take action.

Pregnancy and Your Eyes

Along with a host of other bodily changes, pregnancy can affect your eyes and quality of vision. While these changes are usually due to hormones and temporary, they can also signal more serious conditions.

How to be Leg Smart During and After your Pregnancy

Have you heard about compression socks? Do you know what they are and how they can benefit you? Our friends at Health Centre of Milton share why compression socks should be an added addition to your wardrobe.

How did you announce you were pregnant?

You just got the most amazing news you have ever heard, "You are pregnant!" Now it's time to share the news with your spouse, family and friends. You can just come out and say "I'm pregnant" and that would be fine, but I have heard of some pretty unique ways to share the news.

Milton Fall mom to mom sale organized by famiizuu - Saturday October 22, 2016

Join famiizuu at our Milton Fall Mom to Mom Sale on Saturday October 22, 2016 at Wee Ones Childcare Academy. Plenty of Great Deals on gently used baby & children's clothing, toys, baby equipment, maternity clothes, shoes and TONS of other goodies. Lots of brand names, tags still on the items and like-new quality. Best part is that you are purchasing directly from other parents and reusing items that you know your kids are going to love!

The Secret to Managing Twins

My friends call me “SuperMom”, but really I’m just a mom; a mom of multiples. No real “super powers” are needed to survive life with twins; it just takes some organization, routine and a sense of humour.

Womb Service - Why I decided to become a Surrogate Mother

Three years ago, my next-door neighbour discovered she couldn’t have children— so I offered to carry her twins.