5 Tips to Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

We all know the signs. We foresee the siren's call with baited breath anticipation, "Come to my holiday open house", the Holiday Temptress croons. We gleefully envision the culinary delights that will await us - rich quiches, juicy sausage rolls, decadent truffles, cocktails, mocktails and much more!

This delectable food odyssey will go on until early January. Not to mention the sweet baking smells wafting from our kitchens as we start our holiday baking. Shortbread anyone? Logically, this provokes the question of what to do?

Christmas Party Game Ideas for Kids

Kids love a good party. It does take a little more than good food and conversation however to keep them entertained. Here are some games that will bring on the good times.

New Year's Eve Family Fun

As your tummy recovers from the deliciousness of the Christmas food feast and you stare at the presents strewn all over your living room; you might be starting to think of what to do on New Year's Eve.

Christmas Activities, Events and Charity Fundraisers in Milton

It's the holiday season. A time of joy, charity and shopping. We are lucky to live in a community that offers plenty to do to celebrate the Christmas season while offering support to those in need.

Check out all of these great family friendly events in Milton and feel good about supporting local businesses and charities.

Celebrating Diversity During the Holiday Season

Tis the season to celebrate the holidays. We all know that the Christmas season is upon us but so are Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Diwali. Here are some great crafts to teach your little ones about all the different holidays that our neighbours celebrate in our community.

Crafts Family Holiday Milton Winter

No – Bake Energy Balls * Adapted from Whitewater cooks original recipe

Energy balls are a nutrient rich, energy dense ‘cookie ball’ that actually tastes good!

Traveling With Kids During the Holidays

So you’re heading out of town for the holidays this year and you’re thinking to yourself, is it too late to just bunker down at home and revisit the idea of traveling with the little one(s) next year? That’s crazy, the holidays are about friends and family and you want to be close to yours!

What memories will you create for your family this holiday season?

Never forget that you’re making a memory...

What is the Shoebox Project for Shelters?

This holiday season, why not offer a little joy to a complete stranger. There are a number of people in the Milton community who are in need. A great way to help out is to donate to The Shoebox Project for Shelters.

Charity Events, Fundraisers and Family Activities in Milton and Halton Region for November 2015

Teaching your children about giving back to the community can be fun! Come out to help support Milton Charities, fundraisers and local businesses by attending these great events.