Small Changes can have a Big Impact on your Family Finances

As a local Milton resident with my wife and three young children, I know that starting on the path to financial health can be overwhelming. But as you start paying attention to your money management techniques, you’ll notice that it’s not the big things as much as it is your small, daily decisions that truly impact your finances — for better or worse. In just an hour or two, you can complete a small task to make a big improvement in your financial situation.

A Simple Picture Could Save Your Child’s Vision

Did you know that a photograph could provide valuable and potentially life-saving information about the health of a child's eyes?

5 Great Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

We’ve just recovered from our turkey-coma and already it’s time to break out the pumpkins, the craft box, and the dress up chest and ready ourselves for what is inarguably the scariest celebration of the year. As your little werewolves and witches ready themselves for a night of collecting as much sugary goodness as humanly (or inhumanly, depending on their costume) possible, it’s up to you to put together the perfect Halloween.


On October 19, 2015 the elections are being held in Milton, Ontario. As parents, it is important that we take an active interest in our community and voting is a great way to support the leader that best represents your views and interests. Teaching our children about the voting process is a terrific way to get the entire family involved.

Halloween Crafts for Children

Holiday crafts are so much fun for kids to create.With Halloween around the corner, wouldn't it be fun to decorate the house with items created by your little one? Here are 4 craft ideas your kids will love!

Crafts Fall Family Halloween Holiday Milton

Super Slow Cooker Recipes

With our busy schedules, it isn't always easy to eat healthy. A slow cooker is an easy way to offer a healthier method of cooking with a minimum amount of effort.

The Importance of School-Age Visual Abilities

Parents obviously want their children to do well at school. And since 80 per cent of learning is based on vision, your child’s vision is crucial to a good school experience.

Mind tricks for weight loss

The power of positive thinking can help you more than you know.

Milton Fall Mom to Mom Sale hosted by famiizuu - Saturday October 17th, 2015

Join famiizuu at our Milton Fall Mom to Mom Sale on Saturday October 17th, 2015 at Wee Ones Childcare Academy. You'll be falling all over the Great Deals on gently used baby & children's clothing (sizes newborn - 8T), toys, baby equipment, maternity clothes, shoes and TONS of other goodies. Lots of brand names, tags still on the items and like-new quality.

Transitioning tips during the back-to-school season

Back-to-school season is a time that can be stressful for both parents and children. The transition and change in routine can cause anxiety and behaviour issues – even for the kids that are most excited to get back at it! It’s important that parents plan ahead and take the time to ease the transition in order to ensure a successful start.