What you can do to help prepare kids for Kindergarten

Do you have a little one starting school in September? Want to help your child transition into Kindergarten as smoothly as possible but not sure how? Here are some tips from a local Certified ECE to help give your child the tools they need to start the first day off right!

Follow these tips to help prepare your child on what to expect in their new setting. and give them the confidence to start a new adventure. .



When sending your child to kindergarten they are going to encounter many new faces it is a good idea to set up as many playdates for more interactions with other children and adults.

Having good communication skills and vocabulary to express themselves is very helpful in this setting. 


Using scissors properly is a skill most parents aren’t aware that the children need for school. A lot of the crafts done in school require the use of scissors. An easy way to prepare your child for this is to buy a pair children’s safety scissors and let them cut blank paper and try to cut out shapes.

Gluing is a skill they will use on a regular basis as well. They will use both glue sticks and liquid glue. Pinterest is a great way to find crafts that allow them to use glue and help them excel with this skill.

They will need to know how to spell their name. Getting your child to trace their name on paper is a great way to practice. Getting them to use upper and lower case letters is helpful for teachers as well.


Kindergarten is very structured and may not be what your child is used to. An easy way to help them settle in is by setting a good schedule at home if your child is not enrolled in a preschool.

Preparing your child who may not be used to not seeing you all day can be difficult. Enrolling your child in a preschool once or twice a week or getting them to stay a day away at their grandparents or friends is helpful as well.


Children will need to know their ABC’s, colours and numbers to 20. A great way to incorporate this into their daily routine is by labeling everything and asking questions. For example “How many trucks do you see?” and “There are four green trucks”. Get the child to count with you as well. Attending Famiizuu programs is a great resource to help reinforce these skills.

It’s helpful to teach your children the sounds that each letter makes. This helps them when it comes to learning how to read and sound out words.

A helpful tip

To familiarize your child with the kindergarten setting, visit the school together around registration time or before school starts. You can also stop by the schoolyard on walks in the summer and play together on the swings and the jungle gym.

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This blog was written by Octavia Thompson, ECE