Can My Child Wear Contact Lenses?

Have you thought about the possibility of contact lenses for your child, but maybe dismissed the thought assuming that they are too young? Contact lenses may be a viable option for your child and here are some questions and answers to help you decide.

Question: Does a child's prescription need to be stable before they can be fit with contact lenses? 

No. Most prescriptions continue to change as a child grows, and contact lenses can change with it. Children are often fit with daily disposable contact lenses, and any prescription changes can be easily updated.

Question: Can children handle wearing contact lenses?

Yes. Even young children can be fit with contact lenses. With appropriate instruction, most children can put contact lenses in their eyes and remove them easily. Children are also just as capable as looking after their contact lenses as an adult. An Optometrist will always consider a number of factors with a child's family to decide if contact lenses are appropriate, such as the child's maturity, their current activities and motivation to wear them.

Question: How do I know if contact lenses are a better option for my child than glasses? 

Ask yourself a few questions to help you decide. Is my child bothered by wearing glasses? Is my child responsible enough to care for contact lenses? Would contact lenses be easier for them during their sports and activities? Would their social quality of life be better with contact lenses instead of glasses?

Question: Is it safe for a child to wear contact lenses?

Absolutely, as long as they have been prescribed and fit by a regulated eye care professional such as an Optometrist.

REMEMBER - In Ontario, only a regulated health care or medical professional can prescribe and dispense contact lenses. Contact lenses are a medical device and as such, anyone wearing contact lenses should receive regular exams and follow-up care to ensure that they are dong well.
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