Top 12 Stuffing Recipes for Thanksgiving

Cooler days are upon us which means the Fall season is quickly approaching. Time to start planning for Thanksgiving festivities. A side at any turkey dinner is stuffing and you will be amazed at how many different ways it can be made! Read on for some delicious recipes to serve your family this year.


These dishes from All Recipes are tried and tested by normal every day home cooks that your family will also love!


Thanksgiving Bacon Stuffing


You can't go wrong with bacon! It's the addition that will make the stuffing the star of the show!


Southern Italian Thanksgiving Stuffing


I come from an Italian background and all our dinners always have a little piece of Italy in it. This is a family fave I know your family will enjoy too.


Slow Cooker Stuffing


Perfect way to make room in your oven for other dishes and still get a tasty and moist stuffing.


Classic Thanksgiving Dressing With Parsley, Sage and Thyme


"For those who haven't completely given up on homemade stuffing and are looking for a simple, memorable stuffing, this recipe - and it's tasty variations - will set you on the path in the right direction."


Old Fashioned Giblet Stuffing


"If you like an old fashioned stuffing, then this one's for you."


Apple and Pecan Stuffing


Going apple picking? Here's a great way to use some of those apples!


Gluten Free Thanksgiving Stuffing


No need to fear if you have a gluten allergy! This recipe is made for you.


Quinoa Stuffing

Another great gluten free option is quinoa. This is a great alternative for your gluten intolerant friends and family.


Another great site for cooking enthusiasts as The Food Network.  These recipes are from great cooking hosts from a TV fave!


Cinnamon Raisin Bread Stuffing with Sausage

This one is a favourite for my son. He loves cinnamon raisin bread and he could eat this all day long!


Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts and Pancetta

"A rich stuffing filled with veggies, herbs, roasted chestnuts, cheese and diced pancetta."

Oyster Stuffing

Bet you never thought you could use oysters in stuffing. Surprise your guests with this delicious side this year for all your seafood loving family members!


Simple Vegan Stuffing

The Minimalist Baker shares this delicious recipe perfect for the Vegans in your family!

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