How to Teach your Child to Tie Their Shoes

One of the most difficult skills (and often frustrating) for kids to learn is tying their shoes. When your child is ready to learn what is the best way to teach them? Read on for some great suggestions!

If you are looking for an easy way to teach your little to tie their shoes, these tips can give you a great start. Remember it can be a challenging task, so keeping your patience when your child loses theirs is very important.

Laughing Kids Learn has a fun craft that will help teach your child how to tie their shoes. This is perfect so you don't go out and buy a pair of shoes with laces before they are ready to do it on their own. After all teachers don't have the time to sit and tie 20 pairs of shoes every day!

  • Make sure your child is developmentally ready to learn shoe tying, usually around age 5-6.
  • Practice other fine-motor skill activities like chopsticks, lacing cards, nuts & bolts, monkey bars, and puzzles.
  • Practice tying something bigger first, like tying a jump rope around a tree!
  • Sit behind the child while tying their shoes so they can see from their view how it is done.
  • For younger kids, make it a little more fun with a rhyme or a song. Here is one I used with my daughter when I taught her:

Bunny ears, Bunny ears, playing by a tree.
Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me.
Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole,
Popped out the other side beautiful and bold.

If your child gets frustrated, don't worry. Take a break for awhile and try again a few weeks or maybe even months later. There is no rush to learn as there is always velcro shoes available.