The Unicorn Mom

We've all heard of helicopter moms but have you heard of the new type of mom...The Unicorn Mom. Keep reading to learn if you or someone you know fits this title.

According to Urban Dictionary, a unicorn mom is “A mother who’s not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humour and couldn’t care less what you think.”

I am a "Unicorn Mom!"

I am NOT perfect. There was a time I was constantly worried about being the perfect mom and I finally discovered there is no such thing. Each mom has a different level of perfection and as long as my children are alive and happy, I know I'm doing something right! I can't always be at my kids events or volunteer for school trips, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad mom. It just means another mom who wants to be at those events and has the time to be there can go. My kids know they can come to me if they have a problem, we laugh together, we cry together and we even yell together and my kids are happier in the end for it. There have been days where I have wanted to smack my head against a wall or even lock my kids in their room for the rest of their lives but I love them and they know it even though sometimes I may not like them and that's ok too!

I enjoy a glass of wine or 2 at night. I don't get drunk in front of my children where I'm dancing on table tops or slurring my words. I do however enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or most often soaking in my tub after the kids have gone to bed with a good book to read. Now, when I have my moms night out, we enjoy a few more drinks, a night of dancing or just dinner and many laughs. Just because I have kids, doesn't mean I don't still want to have some adult fun.

I have a sense of humour. As a person who has suffered with some major depression and anxiety, it has taken me a while to get to this point of the unicorn mom status. Now I try to see the humour in the things that my kids do. Of course I work hard to show my kids not everything is appropriate. We explain to our kids when they've done something wrong and a lot of the things hubby and I will laugh about later over a drink and even compare them to things we did as kids.

I could care less what you think. Now don't get me wrong, I do ask for help when I need it. I just don't care about the glares I may get if I yell at my child in public when they've pushed me over the edge. I may tune you out, when being given unwanted advice. Not to mention I don't care about the look I get from the cashier when they see all the candy in my grocery cart. (Just for the record, those are for me for when my monthly friend comes for a visit.)  I'm not a baker, so for bake sales, you will get store bought cupcakes. I don't do my kids homework for them, I make them suffer through it on their own, answering questions only after they have tried their best to find it.  But most of all, the only people's thoughts I am worried about are those of my kids and hubby's. As long as I am doing right by them, I am a happy mom.

Does any of this sound familiar? Could you be a unicorn mom? Well welcome to the club if you are! There are more of us out there then you can imagine. You may even find a group of us hanging out at the local pub on a friday night. Feel free to share why you are or even if you aren't a unicorn mom!

***Written by famiizuu member and mom to 2 great kids( who drive me a little nuts sometimes) Angela Hickman***