Tips On How to Deal WIth The Witching Hour

You may have heard the phrase "Witching Hour" in your life time but never really knew what it was. Now that you have kids, you have probably experienced it and didn't know it.

The witching hour is often thought to be colic as it involves babies to start crying suddeny and nothing you do will calm them. It often happens between the hours of 5pm and 11pm which of course is around bed time.Here are some tips to help you get through the witching hour.

1. Decrease stimulation - Reduce the noise in the home, dim lights, take them into a quiet room. It's important to remember that babies have spent the better part of 9 months in your womb where it dark, and noises are muffled. Being out in the real world is scary and loud and can be overstimulating to your little.

2. Try to keep baby on a sleep schedule - Fatigue can cause fussiness. Think about how easily irritated you get when you are exhausted after a bad sleep. Babies need more sleep than we do, so an irregular sleep can cause them to inconsolable when they are overtired.

3. Give them a bath - Baths can be very soothing and is great for bonding with the baby. Try taking a bath with your baby. Lay them on your belly and put a warm wash cloth on their back. it's a great way for you to both relax and enjoy the quiet.

4. Comfort feed - Some babies need to nurse a little more in the evening, so this could mean cluster feeds are necessary to help calm your little. This will apply more for breastfed babies. If your infant is bottle fed try giving them a pacifier to help them soothe.

5. White noise - Sometimes using a white noise machine will help calm them. If you don't have one, try using a vacuum or hair dryer. Some babies like to be in a car while you're driving or putting her in a car seat and sit them on your dryer. The vibraations can help soothe and put them to sleep.

6. Keep calm -- Babies feed off your feelings. They can tell when you are stressed out and frustrated. If they get these feelings from you it can exasperate how they feel.

7. Ask for help - Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your partner is there to be with you and to help raise your littles. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, they are there to support you if you just ask for it.

Feel free to share your suggestions of what you have done to get through the witching hour.