Tips and Tricks shared by our famiizuu moms about how to achieve success when trying to conceive!

So you finally do it. You announce to the world that you and your significant other are trying to conceive a baby. Before you know it everyone is sharing their words of wisdom on what the best way to get pregnant is. The conversations with those well-meaning friends can get quite scientific or downright eyebrow raising! We engaged our famiizuu mamas in a frank discussion on our message biard about making the baby magic happen.

Here is our top 6 tips and tricks that were believed to help achieve a successful conception! 


1. Legs up  - Once you've done the deed, get those legs for a minimum of 20 minutes. Why? This may help the flow of sperm move in the right direction and can minimize the drip factor. 


2. The big O - Reaching that orgasm can increase the blood flow and yes, help you reach that ultimate goal. 

3. The waiting game - Wait 10 days after your period ends and then start having sex every other day for 2 weeks. Why every other day? This is to help ensure freshness of the sperm product. ;)

4. Natural supplements - Evening primrose capsules. You start taking them on the day your period starts and stop when ovulating begins. Evening primrose can help make your cervical mucus more sperm receptive.  Consuming ginger can also be helpful in conceiving as it may help regulating a menstrual cycle to improve chances of conception. Ginger snaps anyone? (As with any vitamins or supplements, we always recommend speaking to a health care practitioner for appropriate advice.) 

5. Temperature charting - the measure of knowing how to maximize your most fertile time. Urine-based ovulation predictor kits are available for home charting use. The temperature charting can help you gage when you're ovulating so you're making merry during your peak fertile periods. 

6. Three times the charm - Remove the stress (sometimes stress creeps up quickly in our lives and without us even noticing!) and get working on your horizontal mambo moves at least 3 times/week. Enjoy it! Once that baby arrives, the time for sex just won't be the same. 

7. Don't use lube, as though it might be more comfortable, some lubricants are not sperm-friendly and could cause the sperm to die before reaching the egg.

8.  Don't do anything to actively raise your body temperature after sex. For example, strenuous exercise or having a hot bath. Sperm start to lose their motility and viability, the higher the temperature of their environment. 

9.  Reducing your caffeine intake, as this can also slow down conception. Switch to herbal teas for the time being.

10. There are some old wives tales that say sex position can help determine the sex of the baby (no scientific proof of this though). One claims that to conceive a girl, you should have plenty of sex with you on top. Another claims if you have plenty of sex with him on top, you are more likely to conceive a boy. 


Written by Liz Marques Kogan. A famiizuu member and mother of 2 girls. You can check out her blog at