What Method of Sleeping Training is right for you and your baby?

Sleep Training...... A topic that raises debates with moms daily. Trying to figure out which one is best for you and your baby can be quite daunting. Check out these different methods and the pros and cons of each.

Ask a mom what she wants most in the world, and the answer will probably be a good night’s sleep!  With the time change coming up sleep disruption is top of mind for our mamas. Some are still struggling with trying to get a routine into place. Here are some methods to try out from Jamie Contarini from Good Night Sleep Site - Halton.

There are a few different methods of sleep training you can try. The important thing is to find one you’re comfortable with.

1. The Gradual Fade Away Method: This involves placing a stool or chair by the crib and using your voice to soothe them to sleep.  Gradually, every few days or so, you move yourself further away from the crib until you are outside of the room.

Pros: It is a gradual method, you can take your time teaching your baby to soothe him/herself and you are in the room with them.

Cons: It takes longer than the other methods and some babies get more upset because you are in the room and not picking them up.

2. Cry-It Out: This one is not for everyone. For this method, you go through your bedtime routine, then put them in their crib awake, leave the room and don’t go back in until it’s time for their next feeding. This may be in the morning, or it may be during the night – ask your doctor when it is right for you to give up a night feed.

Pros: This is the fastest method.

Cons: It can be hard on you to hear your baby cry and not respond to them; it can be difficult if you have another child that will be woken up.

3. Gradual Checks:  For this method, you go through your bedtime routine and then put them in their crib awake.   You set timers in increasing increments (determined before bedtime) and return to soothe your baby without picking them up.   As you go through this method, the intervals lengthen.

Pros: You get to go in and check on your baby and they still get a chance to work things out on their own.

Cons: As with the chair method, some babies will get more upset if you’re in the room but not picking them up.

4. The Method of Nothing:  If you are happy with what you are doing right now – then don’t change it.  Nobody can tell you that you have to.  Be safe with what you are doing, and if the day comes that it isn’t working with you – then you can choose one of the methods listed above.

Do what’s best for you, don’t get flustered, take time for patterns to develop – be consistent. Just when you’ve figured everything out, you’re thrown into the world of early morning hockey practice dance and soccer games. After all you won’t truly get a good nights sleep until the kids are out of the house!

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