Top Tips for Bathing Baby

You've just brought baby home and now reality has sunk in. You're not really sure what comes next. One of the things new parents worry about is the proper way to bathe their baby.

When it comes to bathing baby, it can be a scary experience for first time moms.  Some little ones love the water and the experience is enjoyable for both while others need a little more love and attention when it comes to bathing.  Here are some tips to try and make bathing fun for all.

There is no need to bathe babies every day unless you choose to make it a part of your bedtime routine. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to "How many times should we bathe baby?"  It really is the preference of mom and dad.  Many hospitals will tell you that bathing baby every other day is enough to keep baby clean and not dry out their skin. 

Use wipes on non-bath nights as an easy way to help keep baby clean and fresh especially on warmer days.

Bath time is a great bonding time for dad and baby.  Moms get lots of skin to skin time when nursing that daddies miss out on, so allowing them the opportunity to bathe baby on their own gives them quality time to grow their attachment.

Wrap your newborn in a towel when washing babies hair and then unwrap to wash the rest of their body. Another way for babies a little ore afraid of water is to use a damp warm cloth to lay over baby's torso so that they were not restricted. Both are a great way to keep them relaxed and comfortable.

Start with washing face and hair first, move on to arms, belly and legs and then to the genitals. Having an extra face cloth on hand for babies who are teething so that you don't have to keep taking the wash cloth away from them is something to consider.

The water temperature should be a little over our body temperature which translates to 37 - 38 degrees Celsius.  To test the water you can use a thermometer while others go by feel.  They best way to go by touch is to use your elbow!

Introduce toys to the bath once baby can sit up on their own.

Feel free to share your bath time tips in the comments to help out our new mamas.