Top 10 Family Themed Halloween Costumes

Hard to believe how fast time goes by. Halloween is just around the corner and I can honestly say I am VERY excited. One of my favourite things to do (to my family's dismay lol) is come up with ideas for a family themed costume. I am starting to get some ideas and checked out what others have done in the past on google images and I have discovered I am going to have a hard time picking just 1.

There are a lot of great choices when it comes to family themed costumes. These are just a few to choose from. I would love to hear some of your ideas and see pics of your own family costumes.


This was our first family themed costume. It was the one and only time I could convince hubby (who is not a fan of Halloween) to dress up. Have the kids dress as minions while dad dresses up as Gru and mom dresses as Lucy. Even better if you are the proud parent of 3 daughters, you can have them dress as Margo, Edith and Agnes!



Whether you choose to go with the Marvel franchise or the Justice League, there are a huge number of characters to pick from.


Star Wars

The Star Wars Episodes will always be a great choice for a Halloween costume. Whether you choose the original trilogy or the more recent episodes, these characters will be a classic pick.


Toy Story

One of the most recent family friendly movies that came out this summer was Toy Story 4. There were some great new characters introduced to open up the choices for the whole family.


DIY Lego

This one is great for the crafty family. Pick your favourite colour and off you go.


Farm Family

This is perfect for family with infants and/or toddlers! You can't get any cuter.


Scooby Doo and Friends

This is one I keep hoping i can convince hubby to do next. I think he would make an awesome Shaggy LOL. Stay tuned you may just see it happen;)


The Incredibles

Another great family costume is The Incredibles. After all this is an incredible costume for an incredible family!


Crayola Family

Here's another easy one for the DIY family. Keeping Halloween nice and colourful!



Are your kids Plants vs. Zombies fans? Are you a Walking Dead fan? This is another easy costume that can be put together and can be as scary or not as you like.


I would love to hear some of your ideas and please share your pics of your family or group Halloween costumes.