Tips to Starting an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Looking forward to the warmer months so you can put your green thumb to use? Why wait? Here some great tips to start an indoor garden.

Whether you are looking to have a garden of flowers, herbs or veggies, these tips will help get your plants growing even when the weather outside is freezing!

- Choose a location that gets good light for your garden. Natural sunlight is always best but you can purchase fluorescent lights to help plants photosynthesize.

- Choose what to plant in. You can always purchase pots or you can make your own using items around the house like vegetable cans, plastic bottles, plastic cups or old jars.

- Use a seed-starting or sterile potting mix right out of the bag.

- Choosing what to grow. Common vegetables grown indoors include: leafy greens (lettuce, spinach), cherry tomatoes, bush beans, dwarf tomatoes, and common herbs (basil, cilatro, chives). Beginning indoor gardeners usually start with something simple such as kitchen herbs, cherry tomatoes, and the like. More advanced gardeners may want to experiment with varieties they’ve normally only grown outdoors, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, or beans.

- Get clippings or seeds of the plants you would like to grow. To have your plant clippings take root, the easiest way is to put them in water for up to two weeks.

- Water wisely. You want to water enough to moisten the soil without washing away the seed. Having holes in container can help avoid overwatering.

- Finally have fun with it.

Planting an indoor garden with your little ones is a great way to teach them about science and how things grow. This is a great learning activity and a wonderful way to spend time together!