Tips on Minimizing Stress During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time but it can be a pretty stressful time as well. If you are looking to enjoy the holiday season with minimal stress check out these helpful hints.

Online Shopping - If you're like me, being in a crowded store can drive you a little bonkers, especially if you have to do that shopping with kids in tow. Online shopping can help reduce that anxiety and can help make it a little easier to get those sold out in store items. Retailers often offer free shipping during this time of year, so you can complete your holiday shopping from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Make a List and Check it Twice - By making a list of family and friends you have to shop for, and pairing those names up with the items you would like to purchase, your holiday shopping experience won’t seem as overwhelming.  By making a list you can plan your trip to the mall and save time and money along the way.  By researching those items online before you go, you are well ahead of the game when you arrive at that packed mall.

Host Christmas Dinner Without Cooking - Hiring a catering company or ordering party trays will get you out of the kitchen and socializing with your guests. You can also have your guests bring some of the menu with them. Invitees are always asking what they can bring. If you have your menu planned out, you can let them know what items they can bring to avoid having too much of one item.


Resist the Urge to be a Pinterest Queen (or King) - No one says your decorations have to be perfect to the very last detail. Let your kids help decorate the tree, have them put the finishing touches on cookies, this will make the holidays a little more special especially for the littles when they can tell people they helped decorate everything.


Let Someone Else do the Wrapping for you - There are a lot of malls that offer gift wrapping to help make life a little easier for you. It's also a great way to give back as many collect donations for different charities.


Keep Extra Gifts Around the House - It doesn't hurt to have extra boxes of chocolates or bottles of wine to give as gifts for people you weren't prepared for. Get surprised when your neighbour shows up at the door with a gift? Now you'll have something on hand to gift for those unexpected guests.