My perfect Mother’s Day: Unplugged

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate being mom! Here is the one thing one of our famiizuu mamas wants for her first Mother's Day.

Fun fact: “A new parent will lose about 1055.6 hours of sleep in the first year of their child’s life - Almost 44 days.” Hmm, sounds pretty accurate to me. Maybe it’s because I’m new to all of this and evidently, sleep-deprived but I don’t really want a fancy store-bought Mother’s Day gift this year. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a wish list that my husband could spend a pretty penny on. But this year, I want something easy, simple, and uncomplicated. 

Last year, I was still pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little man. My husband treated me to brunch at one of our favourite spots and bought me sweets and a funny card. Pretty standard Mother’s Day hoopla. But on this, my first official Mother’s Day, all I want is for someone else to think of me - and more importantly, for me. It might sound silly but bare with me for a sec. 

Wouldn’t it be so nice to have someone else plan your day for you? What I mean is, I want to be free of the mommy thoughts that plague my mind every minute of everyday. Thoughts about whether or not the baby’s last nap was long enough or if he had enough fruits and veggies during his last meal. Thoughts about the laundry that’s piling up or the lingering smell of poop from the last diaper change. 

It would be so liberating and would actually allow you to truly enjoy and appreciate the little moments without distraction. Especially now that I’m almost a year into motherhood and on my way back to my work, I find myself wanting to live more in the moment to savour what’s left of my boy’s babyhood. Not every mom wants a break from her kids on Mother’s Day. What I really want is to unplug and be the backup parent for the day. After all, it’s the only way to truly enjoy a lazy afternoon with my boys. With both hubby and baby in my arms, I wouldn’t care in the slightest about anything else. How could I want for anything more?

According to a recent online survey of mothers across Canada conducted by, almost half of moms say they drop hints about what they would like for Mother’s Day. Here’s to hoping that your hubby and kids picked up on those clues and give you the best Mother’s Day ever!

Written by Margaux Lee Cabais - famiizuu member, professional wine taster wannabe and most importantly a mom.