Kindness Elves - The New Elf on the Shelf

It's that time of year where in many households an annoying creature makes his/her appearance and wakes parents up in the middle of the night in a panic because they forgot to move them. That's right, I am talking about the Elf on the Shelf. This year however, I have heard of a different initiative which is a great way to teach our kids about the true meaning of Christmas!

Meet the Kindness Elves.

These elves are similar to the Elf on the Shelf but instead of getting into mischief or trouble, they encourage kids to perform an act of kindness a day during the holiday season. Every day the elves write a note with a special task for your littles to perform throughout the day.

Teaching Mama has a great list to get you started on different things your kids can do to help put a smile on someone else's face. A few of my favorites are:

  1. Donate toys to a charity organization
  2. Send letters to soldiers overseas
  3. Visit a retirement home and bring homemade cards or sing carols
  4. Create packages to hand out to the homeless
  5. Clean up your sibling’s room for them
  6. Shovel snow off of your neighbor’s sidewalk
  7. Pass out encouraging notes to friends and family members
  8. Donate old books to the library or charity organization (even the doctor’s office!)
  9. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  10. Play a game with a sibling (without fighting!!)
  11. Hold the door open for someone

Kids will actually look forward to helping others and performing good deeds. The best thing about these elves is that they don't have to be just for the holiday season. It's a great reminder for everyone to always be kind.