Enjoy Winter With These Fun Activities

Getting out and being active in the winter can be just as fun as the summer months. Here's a listing of a variety of activities that the entire family can enjoy!

Skating - Just like every child should learn how to swim, every Canadian child should learn how to skate! It opens the door for family time skating together, introducing kids to figure skating and of course the top Canadian sport - Hockey!

Hockey - Hockey teaches kids teamwork, discipline and helps build confidence. There is nothing like watching your child score their first goal or get their first shut out!

Ringette - Similar to hockey, ringette is played on the ice but instead of hockey stick and puck, you play with a straight stick and rubber ring.

Figure Skating - Have a child who loves to dance and also loves to skate? Have them combine their favorite activity and introduce them to figure skating. Another great sport to teach discipline and when done in pairs, teamwork and trust.

Tobogganing - A great Canadian past time is tobogganing. The first thought of any kid home on a snow day is "Where is the nearest hill to go sledding?". Sledding is great for family fun, and also keeps the kids active. After all, walking up those hills can get pretty tiring.

Skiing - Whether it's downhill, freestyle or cross country, skiing is a great sport to get your kids involved in. It gets your kids outside despite the weather and is great exercise for them.

Snowboarding - Similar to skiing, snowboarding will get you outside but it will also help kids work on their coordination and balance.

Tubing - Very similar to tobaggoning, tubing is an activity that has you going down hills but instead of a sled, you are sitting on a big rubber tube. Many ski resorts now offer this as part of their course.

Build an Igloo or Snow Fort - Introduce kids to learning basic construction skills. Good opportunity to have them sit down a make a plan as to how their fort will look and work out how to get it that way

Snowball Fight - Who doesn't love a good old fashioned snow ball fight? Helps teach kids practice using their aim to throw.

Build a Snowman - Another favorite winter past time is building snowmen. Kids will use their imaginations to create their snowy friend. It's also a good opportunity to teach kids about body parts as you build the snowman.

Winter Hiking  - Perfect chance to look at footprints and learn about winter animals. Lots of great conservation areas in Halton to enjoy.

Play Soccer in the Snow - Playing in the snow brings a whole new level of fitness to any sport!

Shovelling Driveways: Go door to door and offer the elderly and neighbours to shovel driveways as a family. Great way to teach kids the importance of Community, helping others and being kind.

With all of these great options, we challenge you to get out and have some fun!