The Company We Keep

The people we invest our time in matter. Do they support us? Do they make us laugh? Do they lift us up?
Quite often the people we spend the majority of our time with are our co-workers. And our family. Maybe friends we’ve had since childhood.

Have you ever heard this quote? "You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully."

Does this scare you?

Does it inspire you?

I feel so grateful every day for the people in my life. When I think of the 5 people that I spend most of my time with, I can say with confidence that they are driven and ambitious. Surrounded by a baker, nutritionists and yoga instructors, to name a few. The doers and the dreamers. The people who understand what it means to have passion for what you do. People with a quest for knowledge. People on the hunt for new experiences.

How lucky am I?

It’s SO inspiring.

How about you?

How do the people around you make you feel?

Do they lift you up or weigh you down?

I hope they lift you up. You deserve that kind of love in your life.

But if you feel like the people around you are draining you and your energy is depleted in their company, then it’s time to find ways to rise above.

Because while you can’t change others, you can change YOU.

How you wonder?

Here are a few tips to making the transition to a happier life surrounded by people who lift you up.

  1. Work on surrounding yourself with positive people. Start creating boundaries. Say no to spending time with people who drain you and your energy (even if they’re family!) and make coffee dates with friends who make you laugh and smile. When you walk away you should feel good about how you chose to spend your time. Your soul needs these positive and uplifting exchanges.
  2. Create new beginnings for yourself. Start making time for the things that fill you up. If you don’t know what that means, explore! Take an art class. Try Pilate's. Learn to meditate. Sign up for cooking lessons. Do something that intrigues you. You’ll meet new people and discover new things about yourself at the same time!
  3. Start reading Self-Help books. Start to understand what’s going on in your brain. Learn how to let go of your negative thoughts and how to hold on to the positive ones.
  4. Keep a gratitude journal. When you’re consistently grateful for the things you have, you’ll begin to attract even more wonderful things to your life. This goes for people too, even if they haven’t arrived in your life yet. By giving gratitude for your healthy friendships, you’ll start to attract them. It has to happen this way! That’s the law of attraction.
  5. Add exercise! You will instantly start to feel better about yourself. Whether in nature or joining a gym, your endorphins (the feel good chemicals that are released during your workout) will help you to be more mindful about all of your life choices.

If it’s true that we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with, I want to make sure we’re all checking in regularly. The company we’re keeping should be aligned with our journey to finding more peace, balance, happiness, vibrant health, and lasting love.

Wishing you all the things that fill you up.

Sandy xo