Business Feature – Hummingbird Child Psychology

Founded by Dr. Anita Burhanpurkar, Hummingbird Child Psychology is based in Milton and provides personalized support and professional strategies designed to address your child’s individual needs. With 20 years’ experience as a psychologist in the school system and in community agencies, Dr. Burhanpurkar works with families to help children reach their potential.

Dr. Burhanpurkar understands the importance of helping children and their parents feel comfortable and empowered during what can be very stressful times through her caring and educational approach.

Hummingbird Child Psychology provides a broad range of psychological services to children and adolescents, including assessment and counselling.

Psychological assessments provide information about children’s strengths and specific learning and/or behavioural needs. Recommendations are made for remediation that can be incorporated at home and school. Assessments can address possible diagnoses such as: Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Intellectual Disabilities.

Individual counselling or coaching can help children and youth with issues such as coping with anxiety or depression, negotiating relationships, or managing their behaviour.

* Is your child having trouble focusing in school?

* Does your child exhibit disruptive or challenging behaviour?

* Has your child’s teacher or family doctor recommended a psychological assessment?

* Is your child performing well above grade level expectations and showing signs of Giftedness?

* Has your teen experienced a change in mood or interests?

When you make the decision to seek help for your child, trust Hummingbird Child Psychology to support your child and your family through this journey. We work to gain a thorough understanding of your child’s entire world – home, school, and other social influences in order to create an informed plan of action.

For more information about Hummingbird Child Psychology and their services, please contact Dr. Burhanpurkar.

410 Bronte Street South, Unit 203, Milton. L9T 0H8

Phone: 905-699-0003