Remembrance Day Crafts

Remembrance Day is around the corner and it is important to teach our little ones to be proud of our country and of the people who fought to keep it free. We should explain to our kids that we wear a poppy to thank all our brave soldiers for the job that they do to help keep our country safe.


Here are some great books and crafts to help explain the story of Remembrance Day:


H is for Honor
Boo Boo Bear's Mission
Pepper's Purple Heart: A Veteran's Day Story
Where Poppies Grow


Paper Poppies

What You'll Need:

2 x Red cupcake cases

Green bamboo craft rods or paddle pop stick/green straw (available from craft and discount stores)

Permanent marker (or black texter)

Craft Glue

Click Here for instructions


Pinwheel Poppy

What You'll Need:

2 identical squares of red paper

Black circle sticker (or made from construction paper)



Click here for instructions


Heart Poppies

What You Need:

Construction paper (red and green)
Safety scissors
Optional: Heart Pattern

Click here for instructions.


Fingerprint Poppy Flower

What you need:

red/black/green/yellow paint

white paper

2 paintbrushes

Click here for instructions


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