On the Pond Themed crafts and Sensory

Our theme this month is On The Pond.With Spring finally here, we will see a lot more of our animal friends who live in the pond. Here are some fun crafts to do with your little one to help educate them on these friendly creatures.


Paper Bag Frog Puppet Craft (found on all Kids Network)

What you'll need:

Green paper lunch bag - we found ours at our local craft store with the gift wrapping supplies
Giant googly eyes
Red and green construction paper
Glue stick


Pond Life Sensory Bin (found on Kids Play Box)

What You'll Need:

Water Beads in aqua color
Lily pads from foam sheets
Pond animals
Flowers (optional)
Plastic plants


Mallard Duck Handprint Craft For Kids (found on Crafty Morning)

What You'll Need:

brown paint

a paintbrush

green/yellow feathers



a googly eye

green/yellow construction paper


Clothespin Dragonfly (found on First Palette)


What You'll Need:

Wooden clothespin
Colored paper or clear transparency film
Poster paint or acrylic paint
Wiggle eyes
White glue
Black permanent marker (optional)


Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game (found onReal Purdy)

What You'll Need:

Felt in different colors (I used 4 colors).
Twine (the fishing line)
A long, thin stick for each player (the fishing rods)
Large metal paperclips
Button magnets
A paper template of your fish shape
A Pen that will draw on felt
Optional – Embroidery thread and needle


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