Let's go to the Beach Crafts & Sensory

Summer crafts are always so much fun. This month our educational theme is Going to the Beach, Here are some great ideas to get in some learning while having fun! Be sure to ask questions, share some fun facts and even sign out a book from the library to enhance the learning experience!


Ocean Floor Discovery Bin and Sensory Play

Kids will love this hands on experience. Magnifying glasses, tweezers, tongs will help with fine motor skills and bring out the scientist in them.


What You'll Need

Coloured sand

Glass and plastic gems






Magnifying glass

Thanks to My Nearest and Dearest for sharing this great activity


Colourful Pasta Fish Craft

This is a 2 part project which makes it perfect for rainy day fun. Colour the pasta in the morning and then give it time to dry. Get back to the project in the afternoon and encourage the kids to work on patterns.

What You'll Need

cardboard (like a cereal box)

elbows macaroni pasta

acrylic paint (colors of your choice)

sandwich bags

wax paper or parchmanet paper

googly eyes



Check out these fun and easy directions from I Heart Crafty Things


Seashell Snails

Go for a walk on the beach and let the kids choose their shells. Pick out a book from the library to learn more about snails and other sea creatures and what their roles are in the ecosystem.


What You’ll Need


pom poms

pipe cleaners

googly eyes

smooth stone

glue – I used our hot glue gun

I love these adorable little critters from Meet the Dubiens


Sunken Treasure Sensory Sink

Try encorporating numeracy and sorting while playing with this sensory bin. Enhance the experience by letting the kids dress up as pirates and princesses. Take it up a notch by putting together a play and let the kids act it out while you video them! Great for working on public speaking and encouraging imagination!


What You'll Need

Sand (actually cornmeal) at the bottom of the sink.

Lukewarm water colored with blue and green food coloring.

A squeeze of coconut lime body scrub for a fabulous beachy scent. It also created some bubbles.

A small wooden treasure chest from the dollar store.

Gold and green coins.

Plastic beads, buttons, and a few pieces of costume jewellery.

Rocks, sea glass, and driftwood.

A toy octopus, seahorse and plastic starfish beach toy.

A spoon and containers for sorting and organizing the treasures.

Another great sensory activity from My Nearest and Dearest


Coffee Filter Jellyfish

This easy craft can be competed anywhere and the best part is that you should have ll the materials on hand. Talk about how the colours mix up to create other colours. Take a step back and allow you child to practice their fine motor skills using scissors.

What You'll Need

4 coffee filters

liquid watercolours (or food colour)

pipettes (medicine droppers)

paint brush

small bowls or ice cube tray (to hold your watercolours)



googly eyes

piece of cardboard or styrofoam produce tray cut in semi circle

Perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers from Happy Hooligans


Seashell Necklace

This craft allows your child to explore their creativity. There is no template...set out the bling, glitter and sparkles and see what happens!

What You'll Need



A nail (or drill)

These necklaces make a perfect gift for bff's. Found on Kids Activities Blog


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