Halloween Crafts for Children

Holiday crafts are so much fun for kids to create.With Halloween around the corner, wouldn't it be fun to decorate the house with items created by your little one? Here are 4 craft ideas your kids will love!


Salt Dough Photo Keepsake

Have you heard that there are Halloween trees? Well now you can create your own ornaments for it if you happen to have one.  Thanks to One Little Project at a Time for this fun craft!


Bat Hat

This fun bat craft is easy to make and is a great way to keep your little ones warm on those cold fall mornings.  Click here for instructions on how to make it.

Owl Mosaic Picture

Did you know that owls are a symbol of wisdom? Kids will be learning about some of the cultural myths and folklore that surround this mystical creature and creating this piece of art using construction paper, glue and birdseed! Click here for the owl template to get you started.

Hole Punch Ghost Card

This scary ghost card is easily made from white hole punch paper glued to a piece of black construction paper. It makes a great card or Halloween decoration.


Spin a Spider Web

Can't have Halloween without some creepy crawly critters. This is a great craft that focuses on hand / eye corodination as your child works on weaving the web.  Click here for instructions to get you started.

If your chilld enjoys crafting check out our famiizuu calendar of events and register to attend some of our fun and educational programs.


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