Getting Crafty With Bugs

Who says bugs have to be creepy? Check out these adorable crafts that will keep your little ones from "bugging" out!


Popsicle Stick Bugs

Found these adorable critters on Juggling Act Mama. Kids will have a lot of fun making them and they can get as creative as they want with them.


Toilet Tube Ladybug

Easy Peasy and Fun loves ladybugs as much as I do, so you can guess which of these crafts is my favourite:)


Marshmallow Stamping Caterpillar

One of my kids favourite books to read at bedtime was Very Hungry Caterpillar. In fact I will sometimes find my 10 year old reading it to my 6 year old still. This craft from Smart Class is a great one to do with kids of all ages.


Pop Bottle Firefly

This craft is so adorable and can double as a decoration for an outdoor party that will help add light when it gets dark out. Great way to entertain your kids One Little Project at a Time


Playdoh Bug Fossils

What kid doesn't love Playdoh? This craft from No TIme for Flash Cards is a great way to teach kids about insects and fossils.


Tissue Paper Bumble Bee

Ever wonder what you can do with all the tissue paper you get in all those gift bags from birthday parties? Here's an "Un-BEE-lievably" cute craft for your kids. Thanks again to I Heart Crafty Things!


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