DIY Christmas Crafts for Children that will add a little sparkle to your Home

Who couldn't use a little sparkle in their life? Here are some fun crafts for kids to make over the Christmas season.


Sparkly Snowflakes

Toddler Approved activity that kids will love making. Each snowflake made will have its own unique look.


Glitter Salt Handprint Christmas Cards

The best Christmas cards I get every year are the homemade cards my kids make me from school. Share these adorable cards that were found on Fun Littles with your family and friends.


Glitter Pinecone Centrepieces

This one is perfect for older kids and adults and what a beautiful decoration for the holiday season it makes. Thank you to The Homes I Have Made for helping to beautify our homes.


Sequin Christmas Tree

What You'll Need:

16x20 canvas

acrylic paint

yellow and green puffy yarn

sequins and beads


hot glue

paint brush

This is a great craft for all ages. Can get a little messy but that makes it even more fun!


Glittery Snowflake

What You'll Need:

Contact film

A great family project where you can create your very own winter wonderland!


DIY Glitter Ornaments

What You'll Need:

Clear Ornaments (glass or plastic)
Pledge Floor Care Finish

Take these directions  one step further and write a message on the ornament to make a unique personalized gift.

Crafting with kids is a terrific way to spend time together as a family. Enjoy the season - Happy Holidays! 


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