Crafts and Sensory Ideas for a Beach Theme

Summer weather is upon us and who doesn't want to spend their days on a beach? Well if you can't get there why not bring the beach to you? Here are some great activities for a fun sand and sun themed craft party.


Ocean Water Bead Search

Thanks to 3 Dinosaurs for sharing this fun sensory bin. This is a great way to teach your little ones but the various types of ocean animals.


Driftwood Fish

Great decorative piece we found on Creative in Chicago that you can make yourself or with your kids. (Tip - The site calls for using driftwood but you could use any type of stick)


Styrofoam Cup Sea Crabs

How adorable are these little guys found on Crafts by Amanda? So easy to make and so cute to display!


Sandcastle Sand Art

Do you have sand that you have brought home from your vacation down south? Here is a great way for you to use that sand in a fun way and have it displayed around the house to remind you of your fun time away. Thanks to MakingMamaMagic for the idea!


Ocean Discovery Bottle

Little Bins for Little Hands shares a different way to create a sensory bin. Kids wil enjoy watching the swirling glitter and sparkles and finding the surorises inside!


Under the Sea - Jello Sensory Bin

Jello is a great ingredient to use in sensory bins. Not only does it have an interesting texture but it is completely safe for your kids to put in their mouths. Kids of all ages will enjoy this ocean sensory bin while learning about the ocean wonders. Thanks Mommy's Bundle


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