Activities to help with teaching your kids at home

Are you looking for ways to help prepare your little one for school? Here are some activities that make learning (and teaching) fun.


Fraction Game

Learning fractions can be challenging. Here is a great idea from No time for Flashcards that incorporartes a family favourite – connect 4 into the world of math!


Learning Sight Words With a Beach Ball

Have a ball of a time while learning how to read. Kids Activities Blog makes learning sight words fun for our little ones starting school.


Practice the Alphabet by Making an ABC Nature Book

Nature is a great way to learn science but can also be a great way to learn their writing and reading. has a great way to get the kids outdoors and create a fun nature alphabet book?


Greater Than Less Than Game takes a different spin on learning numbers. A deck of cards is a great way to learn number order.


Twist and Count

Here's a twist to the game Twister! makes math interesting as you challenge them with math problems and balance


Rhyming Dominoes

Transform a set of dominoes into a literary tool. Preschoolers will love this game has posted to help master letter sounds.


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