Want to craft with your kids? Here are five great tips for creating with your little one.


1. Be prepared – it’s going to get messy!  Keep old newspapers or an old vinyl tablecloth on hand to protect your table and desk. Wear old clothes and a smock.  An old adult t-shirt works great as a smock.


2. Have all of your materials together.  To help things run smoothly, before I start a craft I make sure that I have everything I need to do the craft.  This eliminates the problem of getting half way through and realizing you are missing the googly eyes or pompoms.  Trust me, this leads to major disappointment!  


3. Let go of perfectionism.  Let your child lead the craft.  If he or she wants to have a purple sheep, then that is perfectly fine.  Crafting helps to develop imagination and imagination fuels creativity.  It does not have to turn out exactly like the picture!

4. Use craft time as teachable time.  Doing crafts about farm animals?  Sing Old McDonald had A Farm.  Read a book, sing a nursery rhyme, and learn about colours and shapes.  It is all there in a simple craft.


5. Be proud of your child’s creation.  Let your child tell you about it – there is invariably a story behind it that your child is bursting to tell you.  Display the creations on the fridge or bulletin board.  Kids love to see how much you love their art work.


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