10 Spooktacular Picasso Crafts to Remember Baby’s First Halloween

Famiizuu members have enjoyed our Little Cub Picasso events and now you can to at home. Here are some spooky hand and footprint crafts you can do at home.


Witches don't have to be scary. Your littles footprint witch will put a spell on you!

Frankenstein was a homemade monster and now you can make your very own too!

Your mummy will love this Halloween gift from your littles.

Who says bats are scary? Your kids won't think so once they create their very own for Halloween.

This bootiful craft is nice and simple to make and will have your littles scaring up some fun.

Scarecrows are put out to be scary but these ones will be put up for happy memories.

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the hands and created their own spider pet.

Your little monsters will love creating their own monster crew. Have fun with your littles imagination on this one

Create a pumpkin with your lil pumpkin. The memories will last forever with this one.

No need to suck anyone's blood to create this version of dracula.

Interested in attending a Little Cubs Picasso event? Check out the famiizuu calendar for the next event coming up.


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