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Swaddle Me Safely

There is nothing more comforting for a newborn baby than to be swaddled up snuggly in a blanket and held in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. But, the question of safety of this age-old comfort method has been on the minds of mommies lately.

Canada Day Family Events in and around Milton

Looking for something to do this Canada Day?

The Secret to Managing Twins

My friends call me “SuperMom”, but really I’m just a mom; a mom of multiples. No real “super powers” are needed to survive life with twins; it just takes some organization, routine and a sense of humour.

How Motherhood has changed me

Life will never be the same once you become a mother. It is the scariest, most wonderful time of your life.

Can I afford a Nanny?

Some say that having a nanny is a luxury but I'm not sure that is true. If you take into consideration that not only will your children be taken care of but you will also come home to laundry being done (save on having a cleaning service), dinner on the table (save on take out meals) and gain back valuable time with your kids and for yourself - does it make it worth it?