Best Pregnancy exercise: trimester specific training

We know that exercising during pregnancy is good for both mom and baby - from boosting your energy and sleeping better, to reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and joint pain. Still, the current pregnancy exercise guidelines are vague at best. “Warm up, keep your heart rate under 140 BPM, stay off your back, avoid dangerous sports and stay hydrated” pretty much sums it up.

Fight Colds With Magic Socks

Even though it doesn’t feel like it, winter has officially begun, which means cold and flu season is upon us again. Wondering how to keep your family feeling great this season? Try wet magic socks!

Children’s Vision In The Age Of New Electronic Technologies

Today's classroom and daycare teachers make full use of computers, interactive whiteboards, digital devices, and even 3D technology to enhance the learning environment. 40% of teachers use computers for instruction, and at least one computer is in 97% of most classrooms. That adds up to a lot of screen time for kids who also watch TV or play on the computer at home. But is it harmful to a child’s vision?

Christmas Party Game Ideas for Kids

Kids love a good party. It does take a little more than good food and conversation however to keep them entertained. Here are some games that will bring on the good times.

New Year's Eve Family Fun

As your tummy recovers from the deliciousness of the Christmas food feast and you stare at the presents strewn all over your living room; you might be starting to think of what to do on New Year's Eve.