Let's go to the Beach Crafts & Sensory

Summer crafts are always so much fun. This month our educational theme is Going to the Beach, Here are some great ideas to get in some learning while having fun! Be sure to ask questions, share some fun facts and even sign out a book from the library to enhance the learning experience!

Crafts Family Milton Summer

Rainy Day Crafts and Activities

Unfortunately with the warm weather of summer, there will be the occasional day that outdoor fun has to be put on hold because of a rain shower.

Crafts Family Milton Summer

Things That Go Crafts and Activities

Here our a number great activities that involve all things transportation!

Crafts Curriculum Family Milton

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

They say "It's the thought that counts" when it comes to gifts. What can be better than a gift made from scratch to show your appreciation?

Crafts Milton Preschool Spring

Bird Themed Crafts and Activities

With the Spring season comes a multitude of different breeds of birds flying around. It is so wonderful seeing them building their nests, laying eggs and if we're really lucky seeing the eggs hatch with the baby birds. Here some great crafts to teach your little one about the numerous birds you may come across.

Crafts Milton Spring