Christmas Crafts your Family Will Love

Every year, it amazes me just how quickly Christmas comes around. It's time to start thinking about some fun crafts that you can do with the little ones to help decorate the home.

Christmas Crafts Family Holiday Milton Winter

Dinosaur Crafts and Sensory

Pretty much every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. For some it is when they are toddlers and others it is when they are school aged learning about history and science.

Crafts Curriculum Little Scientists Milton Preschool Toddler

Remembrance Day Crafts

Remembrance Day is around the corner and it is important to teach our little ones to be proud of our country and of the people who fought to keep it free. We should explain to our kids that we wear a poppy to thank all our brave soldiers for the job that they do to help keep our country safe.

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Halloween Sensory and Science Activity

Halloween is a great time for crafts. Your little ones imagination has no boundaries when creating their masterpieces. Here are some great activities to enjoy this scary holiday.

Baby Crafts Family Little Scientists Milton Preschool Toddler

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Crafts Your Kids Will Love Making

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we have and what's important to us. I am thankful for being able to spend time with my family. The holidays allow me to focus on the kids and do fun things with them. They are at the age where they want to help out so we have made making the Thanksgiving centerpiece a tradition in our home. Here are some easy crafts you can create with your family and proudly display at the dinner table.

Crafts Fall Family Holiday Milton Thanksgiving